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Buyer no response for payment

I had sent the source file to the buyer. Still no response from the buyer. So how to solve the problem please anyone any suggestions to me.

Thank you!

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I think we need a few more details.

Did you submit the source file as a part of an order?


IF you had an actual order placed for this work, and your question is more along the lines of thinking that the buyer NEEDS to reach out and let you know they got the order (IF this was an order) that is not how it works here.

IF this was an order (it would have been on your Dashboard under the Orders tab) and you delivered what the buyer paid for, that is the end of the story UNLESS the buyer decides they want to message you to ask questions, ask for a revision or dispute the order for whatever reason.

I would wonder what you think the “problem” here is?



The OP knows how the system works.


Yes, I had already submitted the source file to the buyer.