Buyer not able to save files


One of my buyers was not able to download files.
Her message: any chance you can email me the files name@******.com
I am trying to open and save and nothing is working.

Me: So I sent her the files via fiverr inbox because I thought maybe there will be some problem downloading the files from the order page

Her message an hour ago: When I try to download and save it says I am unable to open the file when I try to open it. And I am unable to just drag and drop into a folder. There is no way for you to email them to me?

So this time I sent her the files via her email.
I just wanted to make sure this was not against the Terms of Service.

Thank you!


It is, but you already did it, soo…:no_mouth:


Than what was the other way?


She was not able to download files neither from the order page nor from the inbox.


That wasn’t your original question. You wanted to know if it was against Terms of Service, and it is. I’m not one to offer you alternatives.


I just wanted to know if there is some other way,So I do not repeat this next time.


I’m not an expert, but I think that there are other file-sharing services that are okay to use, such as dropbox. The nature of my gigs doesn’t lend me much experience on this kind of stuff (word files are generally pretty straightforward), but I’d try some of those.


Thank you!
I sent her the files with this message:

Check inbox
We are not allowed to communicate outside.
But you are not able to download so I sent you there.
Thank you!