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Buyer not accepted order yet after 3 days and order is not completing and showing cancel order on my mobile

hello dear fiverr community i need help i have completed buyer shopify store and then he want changes but he say he will give me reference design but he don’t after that he come back and send me dispute and i declined the dispute try to satisfy him and i do more as he want now everything is same as he want now he didn’t accept order yet i didn’t send him delivery after dispute my order is showing awaiting buyer response it has been 4 days after delivery but not complete yet please help me what should i do and showing active this order also and cancel this order both on mobile but not showing cancel in computer showing active and awaiting buyer responce. please help

It sounds like the communication wasn’t there between the two of you. Positive communication is the key having a great relationship with your clients.

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Same to me. It’s a big problem for your profile. Yesterday I faced it. :disappointed: No solution here. If you decline, then the buyer will give a bad review. Or If you accept it, then the profile is going to a low percentage.

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