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Buyer not accepting delivery

I delivered an order for my first buyer. He replied saying he loved the article, though he didn’t accept the delivered order (it shows as “delivered” on my dashboard). In his feedback he asked me to expand the article, but instead of ordering a revision, he ordered a whole new gig with the expansion requirements. So now I have a delivered order that hasn’t been approved and a revised one that I am not sure I should deliver. I am not familiar with the payment system, but is it so that the order has to be approved by the buyer for the money to show in my account? I am worried this could be a scam and the buyer just wants to use my work without paying and without giving me credits, i.e. by not approving or rejecting my orders. Help please! Thank you


Your order will be automatically completed after three days in following cases =>
i) The buyer don’t accept the offer.
ii) The buyer don’t apply for a revision.
You will get your money at the time of completion of order.
If you smell something fishy, you can always contact to the Fiverr team. They will surely help you out.


That’s really a difficult one. i will suggest you contact customer support. Am sure they have a solution to this. Best regards!

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Your buyer may just be confused. The delivered order will complete by itself and you will be paid. If it were me. I would go ahead and do the revised piece and deliver it on the new order. If you aren’t sure, you could contact CS as others suggested.

I though as well that he might genuinly be confused about how to use the platform - he seems to be a new user too. Thank you for all your comments, maybe I am just being overly paranoid…

There are genuinely confused people, it´s not so easy to understand all the ‘technicalities’ apparently, especially when new. There are scammers too though, on both sides of the fence, so a bit paranoia might be helpful, but of course ‘in dubio pro reo’ until proven wrong, is the better attitude :slight_smile: And the suggestions to contact Customer Support, if you´re not sure about something, have merit. CS did help me with two confused buyers, when I had tried all I could do on my own without being able to ‘solve the confusion’, don´t be shy to ask them, if you really feel worried about something. Good luck with sorting this out quickly!

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Hi, I had the same issue before. My first instinct was the buyer might be a scammer, so I did the obvious by contacting the customer support and at the same time kept my conversation as professional as possible to the buyer. Nevertheless, the buyer is just genuinely confused and able to complete the order. So my advice is just be patient, be professional and also contact the customer support if you smell something’s fishy.

Hi! I’ve same issues with you. I usually check his last update and its show that he actived 5 hours ago but he didn’t accepted my new delivery order(i sent the new revised file for him)
Plus he’s got charge because he asked more than enough revise slots.
I’m a little bit worried about this. He should paid the additional but he didnt actived or accepted my delivery.

And after i read this, its really help me out.
Thank you for the information!

Best option is pls Contact with Supoort team. They help you…

I have delivered order and buyer said its perfect but he didn’t accept the work, so now what will be solution? How ill get money