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(buyer) not accepting messages at this time

HY I facing this problem with two Clients Conversations.and I unable to send massage
any solution, please?

What is it showing in your conversation box?

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I unable to send a message and [(buyer name ) not accepting messages at this time]and this massage showing on the bottom.

I am also facing the same situation. The buyer has not placed an order yet but I have to do some sample work for him. Everything was going alright but sudddenly it shows me that buyer is not accepting messages at this time. I asked him to deliver the sample work on 17th and he said okay but now I can’t decide whether should I still work on that sample work or not because I can’t send him messages now. Also, I am afraid that I would only waste my time working on it.

  1. The potential buyer blocked you
  2. The potential buyer is a scammer which account got deleted.

Are you doing sample work for free? That´s the odds are really high that those buyers are sc*mbags which tried to scam you.


Never do sample work for free without having the client place an order.


Thank you so much for the kind suggestion.

Yes, I was doing free sample work because he asked me for this before giving me the actual big project.

You can give some samples of previous projects to show your skills.
But if he wants to know if you’re up for the task, your gig samples should be sufficient for him to decide whether he wants to hire you.

Yeah, I have already provided him my previous work samples. But he still asked me for 200 words sample. Well, I’ll be conscious by next time.

Sample work? Run. Nothing should be for free on fiver. It’s against ToS.


If buyer blocked Me … will it effect my fiverr profile

Probably, especially if you were reported for spam at the same time. Do you know what you did / why you were blocked?

FYI also a good idea to search the forum as someone will have already asked this question or create your own topic.