Buyer not apprvoing order


I have delivered my first order but I seem to have a issue…
The delivers the work on Sunday and she requested a revision I delivered it and she said Ok Great. She had not approved it is rated it. Can someone please tell me what to do?
I have messeged here every day since then please help me!


Please stop messaging your buyer - they might get annoyed! :wink:

If they want to leave feedback then they will, if they don’t they won’t. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t care about feedback, I just want the to accept the delivery so I will get paid


Your order will close 3 days after you deliver it if the buyer doesn’t accept it first. then you’ll be able to withdraw it 14 days after that. :sunny:


You can deliver the order again. If she don’t accept or reply. It will mark complete after 3 days.


After 3 days order will be marked completed


do not message your buyer again & again! as it is also against according to community standards. redeliver the work, he/she ll be notified with new notification (if buyer is coming online than he/she’ll definitely notice) & would consider it about accepting or rejecting the delivery.

just in case! if he/she wouldn’t even he/she comes online & ignore, than according to fiverr rules, delivery will be marks as accepted & you’d get paid. only issue will be that you won’t be able to have your rating on that order. secondly, buyer may cancel the payment or delivery within next 15 days after completion as they did not accept it with their own will at first place.