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Buyer not be contacted at this time!why?

Because the whole site seems to be down, unless that’s just me? :wink:

Could you remove the username from you post please? Thank you!

Yup the site is down for me too.

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i don’t understand …please said me clear that’s why!

i don’t understand …

The main Fiverr website isn’t working.

No idea I’m afraid.

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Seems like the site is having a maintenance break. It will be back soon.

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thank you for your kind information…

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thanks…that’s nothings…i understand this…so again thank you so much for your kind information…

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This message usually pops up when the buyer ticks the red Report flag or if someone reported their activity as spam. They can also click on it accidentally.

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I have expected this and I guess I know what it is? The user’s message is under review “as a spam” and it will be available after a few moments and if it’s not available, the message was definitely a “spam”.

Please remove the buyer’s name from the image.


is it okey…here