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Buyer not being able to post a review


Hey guys, one of my buyer wants to post a review but he is not being able to do so. He already reported fiverr about the issue. I think if i post here, process could be faster for resolution.



Dear Rikesh:

Unfortunately, the comment you quoted is ambiguous.

Here’s an alternate interpretation.

I could post a public review if I wanted to, but I don’t want to.

I’m very happy and I sent Fiverr a private review to tell them so.

I don’t seem to understand that I can order another gig from you pretty much the same way I ordered the first one?!

From my perspective, it seems the Buyer doesn’t want their information appearing on your profile and gig pages with the review because reasons. I don’t think in this case that it’s a Fiverr glitch preventing the public review, but the Buyer’s choice.

If I’m mistaken, then never mind.

Good luck,


O yes, i misunderstood, too bad :unamused:. Thank you for making it clear @blaisefaint.