Buyer not communicating at all, what to do?


Hello everybody,

I’ve a buyer who doesn’t communicate clearly with me. I deliver the work and she keeps requesting a revision, and when I ask her a question, she pastes a pre typed answer which doesn’t answer my question at all. I’ve asked her multiple times to clarify, she either ignores me or pastes the pre typed answer. What can I do? I actually also did exactly the work she asked for, I also told her, but she keeps ignoring me and asking for a revision. Can I get CS to help me in this case?


Bro. Report this user


Yes, take screenshots and create a ticket with CS.

English may/may not be her primary language.


Thanks guys, I got really frustrated with this buyer…


Just relax there are peoples who screw up move forward


Always be professional, take screenshots of this to attach to a CS ticket. Raise a ticket with CS.

Or, if it’s a $5 just cancel. She’s not worth your time.

If you do raise a ticket with CS, you’ll have to keep trying to work with the customer in the meantime and you may need to deliver the last version again to stop from going late. Just say, you are delivering the work again until she can clarify what needs to be changed. You might want to point out to her that she gets 2 revision requests and any more incurs a charge.


Just talk to customer support and tell them about everything, and for evidence take screen shot :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answer. I just redelivered, and did exactly what she asked for. Guess what? She again requested a revision, and threatened to leave a poor review if I didn’t do the work within two hours… this is just crazy. Should I contact CS again for threatening me with leaving a poor review?


Yes you should. And send a message to your buyer politely stating that you actually delivered as per their request/as advertised, and you have contacted fiverr staff, before you can proceed with any further deliveries.

Just so they know where you’re at.


Screenshot it. Stay professional. I think there’s something about blackmailing via feedback in the ToS. find it and link. Say that you have raised an issue with CS, but you hope you can resolve it. Say she’s had her two revisions, (if she has). If she hasn’t say you’ll happily do her revision and you’ll do it as soon as possible and apologise you may not get it done within 2 hours but will definitely get it done in the time allowed for delivery.


yeah contact again to customer support and tell them