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Buyer not communicating yet is on-line ? what do I do ? its been over 3hours since I paid for the order ? I am completely new to fiverr & need some help or advise please


Please advise, is my buyer asleep due to time difference ? But says on-line ?
My gig shows as in progress, but short of paying we have had no connection ?
I have introduced myself 3 times now & it is over 3 hours since I sent the paypal payment ?
What does anyone suggest as job was due to be finishes in 2 days ?
Thank you for any advise .
I see point Number 5 when placing an order states this : After your order processes, you will need to fill out requirements so that your seller can start working. In the requirements area, fill out all the necessary details and attach files (if needed) and click Start Order.
Where do you fill “requirements”? & why can’t the buyer direct me ?


It looks like the OP is a buyer, not a seller. They have no gigs of their own.


Some times it might happen that they just left their p.c or phone on and got on with another business . Might have been busy with something . Just send all the order details you think you can provide and wait . They will reply soon. As you are the seller and you have some advantage with order and payment .


Its important to realize that not all sellers are sitting around just waiting for orders.

The beauty of Fiverr is that you can place an order at any time but that also means the seller could be busy when you do. If I stopped what I was doing every time I got an order or a message I would never actually get any work done. Also, the “online” indicator is not accurate and can show people to be online or offline incorrectly quite regularly. This, and the fact that some sellers artificially stay online all the time makes it pointless to base anything on - if they are not communicating then you just have to wait til they are. Some sellers are very communicative, others are not. If you have supplied the details required for the order then just wait til the seller responds.



Let’s clear thing up.

  1. The buyer is you.
  2. You placed order with seller.

Few questions:

  1. What time zone is the seller?
  2. Are your requirements filled? Requirements page looks what you see below.


Hi Gina,
thank you, oops yes to the first 2 points .
& where do I find the requirements page as I just cant find it ???


I have messaged the seller & hinted that maybe its a time zone delay , (he is in the U.S & I am UK based , so that is quite an acceptable delay).
Like I said, its just the green light on-line situation that has thrown me a little & another reply above has cleared that up that it is not always indicative or instant communication .


On the black bar, go to

  • Buying,
  • Orders,
  • Click on gig

You will be on transaction page. Follow the link that I posted above.


The requirement page is probably in the gig description via which you ordered . But i would suggest that you should provide all the information that you will look in the order . Its simple just think how much you can emphasize for the order . Rest let seller figure it out and if he’ll need something he can ask you . After all you will give the review so he ought to do it right .chill ! Everything will turn out . Fiverr had some professional freelancer


I use a busy designer sometimes with many orders in his queue and it may be two days before he answers me when I order. So they might not answer you quickly if they are busy.

That green light stays on sometimes for reasons I don’t understand. It may be his app is on but he is not around. Or he may have his browser set to refresh repeatedly to keep the light on.

Is this a seller with lots of positive reviews? Is there a long queue in the gig? Do his reviews convince you he or she is reliable?