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Buyer Not Communicating

Hello, there,

I’m new to Fiverr and trying sooo hard to do well. I’ve worked like crazy trying to study up and do everything as well as I can. I felt like I was making some ground, until now.

I received an order without the buyer first messaging me. They included a short script that had grammar issues and no instructions at all, except, keep under 20 seconds.

I wrote and mentioned they may want to proof their script.

They did not write back until the next day and they asked for suggestions. I sent them a corrected file and they wrote back and asked for music in background. They never mentioned the script.

I explained that music was an extra gig but this time I could add it for much less than I normally charge.

They paid the extra five dollars and asked how soon they could the product. I had already bumped it up and was moving along at a good pace, so, I told them very soon. I, in fact, finished and sent them a message with it attached and asked for approval within hours. I did not hit the “deliver your order” button. That was mid-day. I heard nothing.

Then, I wrote a follow up for approval message again this morning asking if they liked it and if they were happy and to please let me know. Finally, late this afternoon client wrote and said, “I got it but I did not like it.” And, that was all.

I wrote back within 15 minutes and asked, “What did you not like about it? Please share with me, let’s get it the way you want.”

No response.

I’ve got a bad feeling that this one just took the work and is not wanting to pay. I also don’t want a bad review.

Is there anything I can do? Like I mentioned, I did not hit “deliver” but the clock is running and says I only have one day left to deliver.

I don’t think they are going to work with me or communicate at all.

Also, it was a Mother’s Day ad so you’d think they’d be in a hurry to get it corrected.

Gezzzz…I’m gettting so stressed out about this stuff. I just want to do really good and I just hate this. :frowning: Help, please? What would you all do?

If you’ve done the work and they aren’t responding I would deliver. This does mean risking a review.

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Thank you for your reply. Yeah, I’m concerned about that. I don’t know if just cancel and give money back or risk it…

You made a big mistake. You should just deliver it. You did the job so deliver the work. If they don’t like it that’s not your fault.

After you complete any job, deliver it. Don’t ask if they like it. Just deliver it. They know how to use the revision button if they want to.

They are hoping you ask to cancel the job so they get it for free. Don’t ever do this again.

Why not? When you complete a job you are supposed to deliver it, not keep it and let it go late. I cannot imagine why you do not deliver the work you did!

Thanks for your input. I’m new, but learning quickly.