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Buyer not confirming the delivery!

I delivered an order on fiver almost 2 weeks ago. Physically order was delivered almost 10days ago. I have given numerous reminder to the buyer but he is not accepting the delivery. It takes less than 2 minutes to accept the delivery, but this is very testing on patience.

In the revenue section, the amount due against this order still shows as upcoming funds.My question is, in case if this buyer doesn’t accept the delivery, will this amount be transferred to my account?

It is really surprising, how buyer wants the order in a hurry, would ask to rush for it, but a simple click to accept the delivery takes forever for them.

The Fiverr system automatically marks gigs as “completed” three days after delivery if the buyer doesn’t mark it as “completed”. The only exception is if the buyer requests a modification. Carefully check the order to make sure there hasn’t been a request for modification or that the order hasn’t been cancelled, and then contact Customer Support as it seems like a glitch with the Fiverr system.

There is no modification requested on the order. Thank you for your suggestion. I will contact customer support now.



Almost the same situation, I’ve delivered the order 2 days ago but still no reply from buyer! Before he was very comunicable! Now I’m worry about the money, will I receive the money that I was working for or not?