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Buyer not filled in requirements for gig required on Sunday

A buyer accepted an offer and an order has been created but it hasn’t started because the buyer hasn’t filled in the requirements. The requirements include a mandatory one to attach the file that the buyer requires work using (ie. a source file), but before the order I have already been given the source files to work with from links in the messages so I don’t really need it in this case (maybe I should make that not a mandatory option?).

The buyer hasn’t responded or been online since creating the order 2 hours ago and the order needs to be delivered on Sunday. The source file is approx 5.2 GB (even though the output file will be much smaller), so it wouldn’t attach if he tried to attach the original file anyway. In messages I suggested attaching a small txt file specifying the name of/link to the source file or something (and I already have the source file). But I won’t be able to deliver the order until the buyer fills in the requirements.

Should I just wait (while doing the order) and hope he completes the requirements (that I already know the details of) by Sunday, the day of delivery?

The other alternative is the “resolve” button and say “buyer is not responding” but that only gives the option “ask buyer to cancel”, but I already have everything needed to do the order (given by links in messages before the order). What do you suggest?

Personally, I wouldn’t start any work until the requirements have been filled. If you do proceed with the order, while it’s in this ‘pending state’, you have zero protection if the buyer decides to cancel.

In addition, the turnaround time of the order only begins once the buyer has correctly activated the order. It really isn’t your fault if the buyer can’t activate the order on time. But, try to talk them through the process – you could even consider asking them to attach blank files just to get the order started.


This leads me to ask you a question, @uk1000, has the timer/clock started?

I ask because when I order a gig, I have to fill out the requirement then check the disclosure. If I do not agree to the disclosure and refuse to check the box, the order will NOT start at my end. It gives me an option for a reminder in //xx hours//.

I don’t know what happens at your end.

No, the timer hasn’t started yet. It says:

We are waiting for the buyer to submit the requirements.
Until then, the countdown for this order will not start.

But before making the order, the buyer said it would need to be delivered on Sunday (and this project will need quite a bit of keyframing/rotoscoping done).

I’ve sent a nudge and messages, with the last one asking for an empty file to be attached (since I already have the files required) to activate the order. But I’ve still not had replies to the messages and the order hasn’t been activated, and the member was last seen 10 hours ago.

If he has said that and you have all the stuff that you need in order to do your work, I think you should start working on it. Complete the order and submit when he fulfills the requirements. I think may be the buyer thinks he has provided you with all the stuff and he will come back at Sunday if that’s the deadline.

If the work is not complete due to his negligence, the order will be cancelled as he needed it on Sunday. Give it a try. Good Luck :four_leaf_clover:


After filling out the requirements, if I do not check the disclosure (written in black), and try to submit, it will NOT go through. The disclosure will turn red. The order will not start. I can either check the disclosure, go away or click the Remind Me Later.

If I click the Remind Me Later, it will give me an option between 30 mins to 24 hours to fill out the requirement, click the disclosure and hit submit. If I refuse to click the disclosure the order will not start at my end. I don’t know what happens at your end.

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The buyer responsible for making the order and not making sure you have all the assets needed to start working before disappearing.

So, just take it easy and try to explain.

Thanks for all your replies. Today (Sunday. The day he wants delivery), and after I sent another message, the buyer filled in the requirements section :). Since it takes so long to render (about 5 hours) and ages to upload it’s helpful I did (though for modifications I’m probably not doing it the most efficient way).