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Buyer not following instructions


My issue is this: I format resumes. My gig CLEARLY states that 1-2 pages = $5, 3-4 pages = $10, and anything over 4 pages is $5 per page. Well, recently I had a buyer who sent me a 3 page resume but only paid $5 for it. I very politely informed him (twice, once before order was complete, and again at delivery) that the file he sent me is a $10 order, and in order to get the 3rd page formatted, he needs to send another gig, otherwise it would be left alone or deleted entirely. At delivery, again I politely said that I’m happy to complete the 3rd page SAME DAY as soon as he sends over an additional gig. Well guess what he did? He left me negative feedback stating I didn’t complete the work! Well duh, he didn’t pay for it! Well I contacted Customer Support, and they are a wasted breath to even bother trying to get them to do anything. They told me I had to get the buyer’s permission to remove the negative feedback and that’s the only way it will be removed. Well of course they won’t agree to that because more and more I’m running into buyers who only care about sabotaging our reputations! I have made a suggestion to Customer Support that they seriously need to consider attaching ALL buyer feedbacks (from sellers) directly to their profiles just like our feedbacks are attached to our gigs, so that everyone can see the buyer’s previous “track record” of the reviews they are giving. Because right now, the only people who are punished are sellers because everyone can see our feedback but no one can see all the bad feedback that the buyers actually left. Thoughts?


An all too familiar story… and it’s not a good one. Sorry to hear!



I also like your suggestion to be implemented. That would be so great. I see it being implemented by other platforms. I wonder why Fiverr did not include that feature. Feedback is very very important feature for a buyer/seller transactions. I see it being implemented also on Classified Ads website and Online Stores.

About your negative feedback issue, I wonder how did you report about the issue. But in my case, the negative feedback was even removed and then got reversed to positive feedback, because the buyer is kept on posting the negative feedback, though the CS team had already removed it. The negative feedback was brought up again by the buyer, I think he posted it 3 times. I reported the issue about being posted again and again. So the CS team finally decided to just reverse the negative feedback to positive.

What I did when I reported the issue, I’ve attached some evidence to back up my report. Screenshots!


Yes you totally right, we sellers need to know about our buyers feedbacks, some of them take advantage of this situation, now they can try to get free work, they can threaten sellers with a bad feedback and ask for unlimited revisions.


I hate people like that! 5$ is not even that much, they’re practically trying to scam you for pennies! Awful, awful attitude on the buyer’s part in this situation!

nikkigirl2282 said: Well I contacted Customer Support , and they are a wasted breath to even bother trying to get them to do anything. They told me I had to get the buyer's permission to remove the negative feedback and that's the only way it will be removed.

Yeah, that say that a good bit of the time but...

Keep contacting them. The forum is FULL of stories where CS does remove the negative feedback. Sometimes deserved, sometimes not.