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Buyer not given back a response

I have over three to four buyers that after they reach me for their projects they are not replying back to my message again and this is what I can do for them it is just app promotions and products advertising what can I do to make reply me back.

Buyers will often message many sellers at once to ask about the services they are seeking. Once the seller answers their questions the sellers often do not respond after that. It may be they chose another seller to provide them with the services they need.

You can not do anything. It is their prerogative to not respond to you. In addition,if you message them, they could mark your message as span. :roll_eyes:

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some buyer not comming for work come ony for spen time with seller maybe

Im also facing the same problem i can deliver the artwork if he choose what option Of logo he need but still im waiting until he confirms. It only 24 hours Project and he hasn’t come online for 14 hours now :frowning: