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Buyer not giving Feedback

Hi folks
I have a buyer who buys one of my services continuously. It’s almost been his 5th order with me now. But he’s reluctant to give his feedback on any order. When I deliver the work, he immediately checks them and mark it as delivered. But he is not giving his feedback. As it is not ethical to ask for the feedback, what should be done? This is really affecting to my rated order rate? Should I ask from him or keep going like this.



“Leaving a Buyer’s feedback is a basic prerogative of a Buyer.”

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Just leave it and move on. Some forum posters have said they got warnings for asking buyers to leave a review.


Don’t worry about it. Just keep going, I think it will be better for you.



Won’t this be a factor considered in ranking the gig on the 1st page?

Gig ranking only facts in some situations like active orders, keywords etc. But Reviews help you to get new customers.

I hope this will answer your question.:man_student:


I think you should ask like that way, I have delivered your project, I have done hard work last few days to completed your order, If you satisfied with my work,you can share your experience with me on fiverr…It will helps to understand about my quality to others client like you.Thanks…

Don’t ever ask for review or feedback…

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If you write this to your buyer, you will get a ToS warning for sure. You know why? Because, by saying “if you satisfied with my work,” you are saying that you only want them to “share their experience” if they’re satisfied with your work, and that you don’t want them to “share their experience” if they are not satisfied with your work. This is feedback manipulation.


Thanks for alerting me, I have written by like that way for few clients…

Yeah, now you know. :slight_smile: If you want your account to stay safe, you need to stop doing that.


So should i write just, you can share your experience with me on fiverr ??

No. There’s no need for even asking indirectly for a feedback. After completion of each order, Fiverr already asks your buyers TWICE to post a review/feedback. If, on top of that, you were to ask your buyer for a review/feedback by asking them to “share their experience” or “leave a comment,” they will get annoyed with it, and they might either leave a negative review or get annoyed with you and report your message to Fiverr, in which case, you get a ToS violation, too.

So, it’s better not to ask them for a review at all, not even indirectly.


You should not ask to do anything to the buyers… If they want they will leave otherwise not …


Thanks for valuable tips… But I asked indirectly to my buyers for feedback to avoid of no review… From now I will never ask for that…

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Thanks for tips…

it’s not ethical and it’s not allowed by fiverr. If you do this you could get your account closed.

Not every buyer want to give their feedback. Some buyers just don’t want to expose themselves.

It’s their right not to rate the orders and you should just accept this.

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I am a buyer and a seller. As a buyer, I know the buyer is given :two: opportunities to leave reviews of the order.

One reason some buyers do not leave reviews is that now that we sellers can review them they know that by leaving a review everyone would know what they are purchasing on Fiverr because it would be listed on their profile page. Some people wish to keep what services they purchase private.


only auto completed orders lead to less satisfaction or lower rating.
if your buyer accept your delivered work without any evaluation this is one sort of positive feedback too.


I said to buyers “if you want you can give me your review” :sunglasses:

Please don’t say that - just don’t mention reviews at all.


There have been selles who have been to the Forum and said they got warnings just for using the word review in their response to a buyer.

Stay safe and do not ask in any way shape or form for your buyer to review. Besides it may annoy your buyer and they will not be back to book your services.

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