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Buyer not leaving feedback, what to do?


I have hard time getting feedback of buyers.

Recently I made a new service with Kickstarter email marketing with guaranteed pledges.

Got few buyers wich I got from self promoting on SM.

One bought gig for 150$ and he got more than 500$ of pledges in 24 hours.

Second one bought for 50$ and he got more than 200$ in just few hours of pledges with my help.

They got REALLLLLLLY best help possible they could get for this money they spent on my service.

Then Im having loads of customers who are not rating, not even communicating.

Do you know what to do as positive feedback is really important for you to build your repurtation and get more sales and potential customers.

Do you need to ask them to give a good feedback?

I never did that, but lately I did but still nothing even if the result is more than they expected. Or its just me having bad luck with my customers?

Please let me know

same is happening to me, hope someone will leave a beneficial tip

Hope so

A lot of buyers don’t leave feedback because they don’t want people to know they used your service. Sounds like that may be true in your case.

Other times, buyers are too busy to leave feedback or forget. This is particularly true if orders auto-complete. I’ve never had a buyer that marked an order as complete but didn’t rate it.

Lastly, some buyers follow the “if you have nothing polite to say, don’t say anything” rule. If they can’t give you high marks, they simply won’t review you.

I understand reviews are beneficial to getting more orders in the future, but at the same time bad reviews will kill your business. So don’t worry if they don’t review – they probably have a good reason.

If you absolutely need to, you could send a short, polite message with each delivery that says something like this:
"Here is your delivery. I’ve done [work explained].
If you feel that I’ve done anything less than 5 star work, let me know so I can remedy the situation. I want you to be completely satisfied with your delivery.

Thank you for your order!

This way, you talk about the quality of the work and “5 stars” echoes a review without asking for a review. It is against the Terms of Service to ask for a positive review or attempt to manipulate the buyer into reviewing negatively.

Best of luck!

You can send a message to your buyer. Asking him/her to add a feedback is he’s happy. And it will help you to build your business here. Most buyers will leave a feedback this way.
Hope i helped.

Very well said …

Well said, thanks

Thanks, this kind of tip I was looking for. I will do this and let you know how it worked.

The guy who spent 150$ for my services now ordered again for 125$ so he was totally satisfied. I think he just doesnt like to rate sellers.

Sounds like he doesn’t want to leave his mark by reviewing you. Nothing wrong with that – you still get the money!

With this buyer, I wouldn’t suggest asking or hinting at a review. If he’s giving you that kind of money… don’t mess with a good thing!

Im really happy that he pays so much, he got a lot more in return. However, he bought different service now - not really guaranteed donations for his project, but I hope he will get some donations.

Cebooker!! I just used your advice, not that I got a positive review I also recived a tip! Your help was BIG HELP for me! Thank you!

You got lucky, so congratulations! All of the tips in this thread were good. Asking for a review is a risky move. It can go badly. Sometimes it’s worth a risk and sometimes not. :wink:

Thank you, advice from cebooker helped a lot