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Buyer not online after placed order

I recieved order on 6 june 2020 but after placing order buyer is not online…i have already send their work and waiting for review…but he is not online…please help


If you sent him Quality and promised work then order will automatically after 3 days of submitting Thank you

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yeah if it’s autocompleted you’ll be paid. you don’t always get a review


Maybe he is busy. Anyways once you deliver your order the buyer will have 3 days to approve the order if fails to approve the order it gets marked as completed automatically.

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Even though you delivered the work as he told you to and you delivered it on the time, you should be good. Orders that are not yet accepted will be pending for 3 days and then will be automatically completed. The buyer will still have 2 weeks to review your work and left feedback.


Thankyou for information :grinning:

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it will be mark as complete after 3 days


Your order will be automatically marked as completed after 3 days even if the buyer does not come online.

But you should not be expecting a review because not every buyer prefers to leave a feedback.

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Thanks but review is to be must :pensive:

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Yes I see most of the reply is very helpful and I know that if you are confuse your delivery work then you will get modification request. So you can ready for extend your delivery time request. Because when your buyer will send you modification request then your time will be late. At this time you can send extend time request…

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But i had already delivered their work

Yes I know but I have told you if your buyer request for modification then you can follow this technique.

There’s no need for that. The only thing that matters is when you deliver your work for the first time.

If the buyer requests a revision, it then shows “late” but it doesn’t affect your account.


Yep. She is correct. You don’t need to worry. And don’t make hopes for reviews. Some buyers do not interest to review for the service. So, Don’t expect it. :grinning:

Yeah, I delivered their work before time and now waiting for response

It is up to a buyer as to whether they want to leave a review or not.

There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning because they discussed a review.

Best just to leave it and move on.


Don’t worry about it as there is nothing you can do.

Buyers don’t have to leave a review. One of my regular clients never leaves a review, but they’ve been buying from me twice a month for at least three years. They must be happy - but that’s at least 70 positive reviews I’ve missed out on!

What you must not do is approach the buyer to leave a review. No matter how innocent you might think this is, Fiverr view it as manipulation and you will likely receive an account warning. A few of those and you will be suspended.

Are you 100% sure? Because you will be see your time count option late.

Hi, I know, but it’s a well known issue that’s been around for years. There are many many posts about it on the forum.

Don’t worry Bro! Same happened to me. However my order marked as automatically completed after 3 days. But I’m still waiting for getting review.