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Buyer not online after placed order

I think when you complete the order just write below line.

Here is your delivery if you need any change please tell me. If all is good and according to your requirements please do not forget to accept the order and leave your valuable feedback

I am doing this since 2 year ago.

i already done that but buyer is not active from last 1 week…

I’ve experienced the same thing on a recent order. This is really awful experience as a seller. However My order got completed by fiverr automatically within 3 days . The worst thing was that i was texting the buyer if he needed any revision I am open for that. But i got no reply. And i didnt get any review.
However, Dont bother the buyer too often by messaging him. MAybe he could have gone for a vacation, who knows! As Seller our duty is to confirm the quality service and deliver, that matters most.

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May be same thing happen with me :slightly_frowning_face:

Absolutely Right. I’ve faced it.

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Please contact to fiverr support for details of buyer. It is not impossible the buyer was expired by Covid19. May Allah saved all the people in the world.

How fiverr know about buyer

After 3 days of completing work you have to receive any comments of from buyer or fiverr assistant support if not you have to gave suggestions from order resolution centre.