Buyer Not Paying Up...?


I have one buyer at the moment who is not paying me for the service I had given her. I delivered the project that I had completed and the buyer has not yet paid me. It has been over 24 hours but the order has not been marked completed by the buyer. The Buyer is saying that he/she(not naming names) has given it to his/her buyer who needs to see if it is up to his standard. He/She makes whiteboard videos and needed me to make a script for his/her buyer to accompany it with the whiteboard animation video. I’m also assuming that he/she will have a professional voice actor or actress read the script to ensure top notch quality. She/He claims to have sent the script I have made him/her to her buyer and is awaiting for a response. I believe I have kept my patience throughout this experience, however it makes me anxious seeing some of the stories of how buyers cheap people out. I have a few questions to ask and hopefully some of you guys will be able to help me out. I am new to Fiverr and this is only one of my first orders so I am not aware of what to expect in terms of how fast most buyers respond. I am aware of the 3 day fiverr autocompletion but I also am confused on if my order will be marked as late and if I will get a review.

1)Should I be worried that they have cheated me out of my money?

2)Should I ask the buyer again or just wait until she responds and says something back to me? I don’t want to be annoying or “harassing” the costumer but I also don’t want this to go through without my pay.

  1. Is it safe to do a gig for a buyer who is in the process of making their own and planning on selling your gig as part of their gig?

Thank you!


hi there, I will try to keep this short:

A) your buyer has in fact paid up. Their money is in escrow and you will receive said funds either when the 3 day window passes or when they submit a review, whichever comes first

B) having people who buy your buy your gig and then they in turn need to wait for feedback from their client/boss/partner is really common. So if that gets you right on the edge, maybe Fiverr isn’t for you. :slight_smile:

C) you need to be patient and most of all you need to understand that so long as an order was in fact placed and you delivered said order according to spec, you have nothing to fear. (in terms of losing your money)

D) constantly reminding your buyer about submitting a review or providing feedback, is 100% unprofessional and can only harm you.


Okay thanks for your opinion. As I mentioned, I am extremely new to Fiverr and I am not aware of everything that happens. I only had one buyer before this and he responded very quickly and this just set my expectations, however, now that I know this is common I will have less and less anxiety, I just thought for some reason that my first buyers actions spoke for a majority of fiverr.


just to clarify:

I just shared facts with you, not my opinion.

You are welcome.


Don’t stress out. Don’t contact the buyer again as you could get reported. Just know that some buyers never even talk to you ever again after they order your gig, let alone complete the order, or leave a review.