Buyer not providing all information at once


I am working on a project where client is providing the brief in phases. And he is extremely unresponsive.

So a lot of time is being wasted. The project has 18
hours to go, I am still waiting for the last bit of the total piece. I have requested him a lot to provide all the info at once. He’s simply not doing that.

Now if the time is over… what should I do? Haven’t experienced this before.


My client ordered me more than a month ago, he is gone and gone forever.
Don’t know what to do.

One of my friends worked and the client gave a review after one month of completion of the order. Guss now, the rating was down.

Stuck :wink:


Go to the resoluion center and ask for a time extension.


Yes I have already done that. But what if he doesn’t respond to that also. When should I decide that it is time for cancellation?


Usually when this type of thing happens to me I deliver with a note saying something along these lines:

“I had to deliver because time was running out on the gig, feel free to tell me the information I need to finish, and I’ll be happy to take care of you. If you want, you can request a revision to keep this gig open so it doesn’t auto-close”

I’ve never had a problem with that, but I wonder if the buyer is trying to trap you, or idk. other sellers might disagree with my method, I’m not sure.


Gosh, people like that are so annoying.


I absolutely dread having to face customers who either disappear or place wrong orders and then want to cancel. I hope I don’t face such kind of customers during my stretch on Fiverr. :pray: :beginner:

But from what I have gleaned from the experiences of other sellers on Fiverr, I might find it increasingly onerous to rebuff such buyers. :slightly_frowning_face:


That seems a viable solution. But if they report that it is not what they ordered. Then I might get into trouble right? Because buyers are the first preference clearly for this platform.


This is my first time too. I don’t understand the mentality though. If they have paid fiverr already. Why would they not receive the product?


If the buyer doesn’t respond at all, then I will be way out over deadline, and with bad remarks right?


Because, I believe they can cancel the order whenever they please! And, Fiverr will return the money back to the buyer. Not only that, there have been a few cases where buyers have used the Paypal chargeback “loophole” (to cancel orders up to 6 months AFTER the seller had already completed delivering it!). Even in this case, Fiverr usually refunds the money to the buyer. It is then the responsibility of the seller to contact CS and draw their attention to this unfair refund.

I honestly hope that you don’t have to go through any of this. But, I thought I would just let you know.


yeah, of course it’s possible… but the other ways are guaranteed to count against you… and if seller doesn’t show up to extend deadline then you’re late. this way gives a chance.


@daviddoer yeah. That is true. If he doesn’t show up at all I will get late. I guess I will deliver at the last hour. If he doesn’t show up. I have already contacted support regarding the issue (8 hours ago). But viewing from other posts, I have doubt if they will help me at all.
Yours is a clever solution, thanks a lot for that.


I see. In my case, buyer actually bought a demo, and completed that successfully. Then the rest of the project is going like this. He actually was pretty fast to respond while in demo. But during project, he gradually started to respond less.


Asking in the solution center will do nothing here, he doesn’t have enough content to work, what is he supposed to do?


Doing this could get you in trouble. :open_mouth:

According to ToS:

”Using the Deliver Work button may not be abused by Sellers to circumvent Order guidelines described in this Terms of Service. Using the “Deliver Work” button when an order was not fulfilled may result in a cancellation of that order after review, affect the seller’s rating and result in a warning to seller.”


“damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t”

yeah, I figured my way was not the officially perfect way, but my customers always seem to be satisfied. I never would have thought of my innovation as “abuse” :scream:

p.s. thanks for being so awesome and always helping people here on the forum.


Just so you understand the possible consequences. :wink:

Thank you for the compliment. :kissing_heart:


@vickiespencer in these type of cases, clearly the buyer is the sole responsible for the non completion of project in time.
Where seller is either way getting into trouble, I don’t know better way to deal with this. I’ve already tried support. Yet to get reply from them


I agree, I Just wanted to make sure you understand the possible consequences.