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Buyer not rating my gig, need suggestions

Recently buyer gave me 3 order in a row right after each is complete, he was very happy with the work but he didn’t gave any rating or review and even he let the orders to auto complete and when the order is auto complete he comes for a new order. will this affect my gigs? as on analytics it shows " Rated Orders 88%" ?


No problem for this. Most probably he has not enough time to give a feedback.

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Might be, but what about the side effects? :grinning:

for automatic order complication its effect this . But 88% not a bad.

The chart shows cancelled orders, i am talking about “auto complete” orders with no ratings.

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This is already done last week with me. Buyer don’t give any feedback.But i am not asking him about this topics.I am afraid to ask him that.

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:grinning: I did same, but the issue is do it effects on gigs rank etc?

Stop thinking so much about things you can’t control. Just do your best and let the buyers decide if they want to give you a review or not.

My Rated Orders % is only 53, and I am doing okay.


That’s kindof helpful reply by someone top-rated, Thank you! :+1:

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I totally agree with this. Just make sure you your best.

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No problem. Maybe the buyer don’t know how to review, or maybe he has not enough time for review.

You can be right, might be!

I have 60% of orders with reviews, so you have actually a higher percentage. That doesn’t matter.


It is up to a buyer as to whether they wish to leave a review or not.

Fiverr prompts them to do so more than once.

There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review.

Always best to leave it and move on.


Thanks for your reply!

Correct, I was only worried about the affect on my gigs.

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