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Buyer not replying after delivery


These past week, I’ve had 3 buyers not replying after my delivery. Does that happen to anyone? It makes me tensed and such.


Yes, it often happen to me, and maybe tense especially if they are new buyers. What i will advise is that when you deliver your gig, make sure you get as much proof as the work you have done, and the solution if possible.

A client wont reply for months until later when they fail to update my last gig and said I had delivered without fixing the error in the first place, but I referred them back to the delivery and tell them I will charge them again if they want to re-do the same gig…


Absolutely! Buyers are not obligated to acknowledge a delivery. I’m relieved when I complete the order and deliver on-time. If there’s an issue with the order, I’m sure they’ll say something and request a modification. On occasion, the orders auto-complete and the buyers never leave feedback. Again, buyers are not obligated to leave a review.


I see. Thank you! And yes, two of them were new buyers.


But, how would they receive the non-watermarked filed if they don’t complete it? Ahh :see_no_evil: this scares me!


Order will auto-complete after 3 days and they can get the non-watermarked file then.


Agree. A percentage will never leave feedback or otherwise respond after delivery. Yet many of those that don’t respond will return and place orders again and again.

Lots of times, no news is good news,


Hahaha! Really? Even though they don’t spare time to complete the order?


yes same problem with me


Yes, many will not even bother to do anything other than grab their file and go. It is quite common that orders will self complete after 3 days. Most stores you shop at have a survey offer printed on the bottom of the receipt, how often do you bother to go online to rate your drugstore, supermarket, Starbucks? Usually when there’s a problem, yes, otherwise most people will enjoy their purchase and get on with their lives.

It is really not a problem, just a fact of being on fiverr. But you get paid anyway so be happy.


Absolutely, 20-30% never say anything, and that’s just life.

Some of my buyers leave a review a week or three later, just before they order again. (That’s how I know they are ordering soon…)

Deliver, then focus on doing a great job for the next client too! Some will respond, some won’t…

BTW - In an ideal world, you do get some ratings, and that can be related to the message you provide with delivery.


Thank you so much! I thought it was something worth stressing for. You saved me, I’m grateful.