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Buyer not replying/negative review


So basically this buyer asked me if I can make a video for his company, and he asked if I can do voice overs. I said I can do the video, but I do not personally do any voice over and I will be happy to edit them if he provided them. He agreed to start the sale. After delivering, he said that he thought that I was supposed to make voice overs. He said I was a scammer and that I lied to him. I told him to cancel the order mutually because I do not prefer to have a negative review. He disagreed and told me many times to just go on and give it my best to do the video without the voice over. It has been exactly 3 days since I delivered the video. The buyer is not responding and the order did not auto complete yet. My question is: if the buyer decided to give me a negative review/feedback? what can I do to remove it since it was his mistake, not mine.


Sadly not much can be done regarding leaving negative reviews from my understanding. It’s quite hard to get a CS to remove it unless it violates their TOS. It’s a shame he pushed for you to do it. Perhaps he won’t leave a negative review and will just not leave any feedback. Hope it works out.


I think you are skipping over the word IF too easily. This hasn’t happened, it may happen, but it hasn’t. There is (almost) nothing you can do to remove a negative review. However, he may not even leave a review or … HE MAY LOVE IT!

Bottom line. If a potential customer looks at my gig, sees lots of great reviews and one negative one and decides not to purchase base on that one review? I’m good on those buyers.