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Buyer Not Replying


I have received an order from a buyer whom I had not contact with even though I clearly state on my gigs to contact me first to discuss needs, business requirements etc and in the requirements section of the order it is not from the buyer but a third party so I do not know what the order requires me to do? I do not want to be later delivering as he paid for extra fast delivery and has not replied to my messages? I have looked at the buyers profile and he has a couple of bad reviews, any ideas what to do, the gig needs to be delivered in 5 hours!


In such a situation, I will advise that you wait some some time.
The buyer might be gathering the requirements.
When it’s an hour to go, deliver a text, asking him to request for revision


I will suggest to deliver order or send the request for extend delivery time.


Thanks for your reply


Thanks for your reply I cannot deliver with not enough information