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Buyer not responding & 10 hours left

Hello fiverr people!
I am much confused in a situation. i have got a direct order from some client 38 hours ago for website design. but on the cpanel requirement he just written " i don’t have cpanel" & started the order. after many messages to him he just replied that my organzation name is " Java" & sent copyright logo of java. nothing else. no more details . he never replied me again & i have only 10 hours left. i have issued the ticket around 35+ hours ago but still no response from fiverr support. what should i do in my current situation . ( I have also sent the delivery extension request to buyer but he is not responding… though he is online mostly but never responds anything)

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I would send the buyer a message letting them know that you cannot complete their request without the requirements. It will take a bit of time to hear back from CS, but it sounds like you need them to cancel the order due to the buyer not submitting requirements.

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Thanks for replying mate. If i only wait for the customer support to respond my ticket & for example they hear my case after 24 hours ( 14 hours passed the delivery time) will my order completion rate gets dropped ?

If CS cancels the order based on your ticket due to the buyer not submitting requirements, it shouldn’t count against your order completion. I would add screenshots of your conversation to your ticket if possible. I don’t know if it will harm your on-time delivery, though. I wish I had more info on this.

In your case if the buyer don’t mark the order as completed. after 3 days the order will be automatically completed. so just sit relax & wait for auto completition.

ok thats gonna be good thing just gettting excited :stuck_out_tongue: