Buyer not responding after delivery


I am new on fiverr.
My two buyers aren’t responding/replying after I made the delivery.Do i get the payments for those two orders?


They might be offline or the kind that don’t communicate. You will still get the payment if they don’t initialize a cancellation.


Alright thankyou for clearing it out :slight_smile:


Feedback reviews provided by buyers while completing an order are an essential part of Fiverr’s rating system. Reviews demonstrate the buyer’s overall experience with the sellers and their service. Buyers are encouraged to communicate to the seller any concerns experienced during their active order in regards to the service provided by the seller.
Leaving a buyer’s feedback is a basic prerogative of a buyer. Feedback reviews will not be removed unless there are clear violations to our Terms of Service.
To prevent any misuse of our Feedback system, all feedback reviews must come from legitimate sales executed exclusively through the Fiverr platform from users within our Community. Purchases arranged, determined to artificially enhance seller ratings, or to abuse the Fiverr platform with purchases from additional accounts, will result in a permanent suspension of all related accounts.
Feedback comments given by buyers are publicly displayed on a seller’s Gig page. Buyers have the option not to include a comment, but still rate the service. Cancellation of an order does not remove feedback unless mutually agreed.
Work Samples are the delivered images and videos sent to a buyer in a delivery message. Work Samples are added to a seller’s Live Portfolio on their Gig page if the buyer chooses to publish the Work Sample while providing a public feedback review.
Withholding the delivery of services, files, or information required to complete the Gig’s service with the intent to gain favorable reviews or additional services is prohibited.
Responding and posting a review: Once work is delivered, the buyer has three days to respond and post a review (or 14 days for Gigs with shipping). If no response is provided within the response period, the order will be considered completed.
Users are allowed to leave reviews on orders up to 30 days after an order is marked as complete. No new reviews may be added to an order after 30 days.
Sellers may not solicit the removal of feedback reviews from their buyers through mutual cancellations.

Withdrawing Revenues
To withdraw your revenue, you must have an account with at least one of Fiverr’s withdrawal methods.
Your Fiverr profile can be associated with only one account from each Fiverr withdrawal methods. A withdrawal provider account can be associated with only one Fiverr profile.
Revenues are only made available for withdrawal from the Revenue page following a safety clearance period of 14 days after the order is marked as complete. Top Rated Sellers are eligible to withdraw revenue following a safety clearance period of 7 days after the order is marked as complete.
To withdraw your available revenue, you must click on the designated withdrawal provider to initiate the withdrawal process
Withdrawals can only be made in the amount available to you.
Withdrawal fees vary depending on the withdrawal method.
Withdrawals are final and cannot be undone. We will not be able to refund or change this process once it has begun.


Not your problem. If your buyers stopped communicating after delivery, then that’s their problem. They have 72 hours from delivery to contact you, and if they don’t - then Fiverr automatically marks the order as completed and you’re not obligated to do anything else.


Yes, you will get payment!

But if buyer not contact you you not get review(feedback) and that’s important!

But don’t worry, because you will get other sales and they will add you review!
Also it can be because buyer is busy and will contact you soon!! (I hope)

Best wishe


thankyou for your help :slight_smile:


Thankyou it was helpful :slight_smile:


You’re welcome!

Best wishes!


Yes but when they get back and ask for there work and revisions what to do with those guys any idea for that buddy ?

Providing there work is ok but when they start asking for revisions they actually disturb the timespan for other orders and if you don’t do there work they can simply contact fiverr support and can cancell the order.


After the gig is automatically completed (3 days after delivery), you don’t have to do any further revisions as part of that gig.

If they want any revisions done, you could send them a custom offer. They can’t just cancel the order after it’s completed by contacting CS, assuming you completed the order to their specifications.


@offlinehelpers what if everything is according to there provided requirements and they ask for modifications and revisions and i propose another custom offer but they can just give me bad ratings how to solve this issue than ?


Assuming you’ve completed their order to their specifications they should have no reason to give you a bad review.

If they do, then they’re being unfair, so you reply to the feedback in a professional manner, explaining your side, or you take it to CS.

Has this happened to you @zazi_developer ?


Yes it does happen to me and due to fair of getting bad review i did all the revisions they people asked in the chat even some of them pretending that they will contact CS and i don’t want any bad thing on my account as i put quite a lot of effort to build it. But today i saw your comments regarding this and its really helpful i will obviously create strategy for it.


yes. i appreciated it. fiverr CS :telephone_receiver: always protect us from Bad Review.


Will try CS support this time. And will see what happen next.


When they come back after the order has been marked as finished and demand revisions, they have to pay for your time and order a new gig or accept a custom offer to continue the job. You can do free work if you really want to, but speaking for myself - my time is limited and I don’t give it away without compensation.

If you’re worried about a bad review, then I suppose you can compromise, but once you have a few hundred reviews under your belt you can pretty much shrug off the occasional bad review and it won’t affect you at all.


Thanks alot for such useful info you have just removed my confusions. But tell me if the order is marked as completed can they leave the review after the order is marked as completed. It seems like they can not with recent updates.


They have up to 29 days from the date of the order being marked as finished to leave a review, but after they’ve left a review they can’t change it without your permission.


Thanks devcode , it helps me