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Buyer Not Responding After Order Delivered


Hello All :sunglasses:

I delivered an order 8 days ago and it has been automatically marked as completed. The earnings are also showing in my total income.

However, the buyer has not been responding since 9 days now. I have given him one reminder. What should I do? Should I contact the buyer again? I really want to get a review and the portfolio image to be added in my gallery. This was one of the best work I did.

Suggestions? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Unfortunately, the buyer is not obligated to give you a review whether good or bad. Stop bugging him, if you want to get more reviews, get more sales and keep doing your best. In no time, you will get the reviews you want.


I haven’t bugged the buyer at all. Thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:


If you do that, the buyer might report you for spamming them.


Please, try and move on because your best is yet to come.