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Buyer not responding after purchase


I’m a level one coach on Fiverr, recently I’ve got the session purchase, but the buyer after purchasing did not log in single time onto Fiverr. I do have order requirements, but seller did not leave his Discord tag (using it for coaching sessions, screenshare and calls obviously) so I’m unable to call him and he’s not responding to set up the schedule. However he didn’t exactly purchase the coaching session but rather a lecture about certain topics he chose.
I’m not sure what should I do at this point since I DO NOT WANT TO CANCEL the order because I am ready to deliver with my work if we determine the date of lecture and it will unfortunately count against me in my order completion percentage (it’s really stupid). I’ve had total of 2 order cancellations all-time and it already struck my percentage to 96% which is actually terrible.
Should I instead deliver him with written articles about certain topics instead or contact solution centre? I can’t afford my order to be late, unless support could cancel it without fixing my sales rate (which is probably unlikely since I’m speculating it is automatically done).

Thanks for any advice!

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If the Discord tag was crucial to the gig, would it not have made sense to include that in the Requirements?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like you have many options here.

Don’t do this. CS could perceive this as misuse of the Delivery button, as you’d be trying to deliver something that the buyer didn’t ask for.

They can do this, but it’s not guaranteed. CS have cancelled orders for us before, without it impacting our completion rate. But there’s no clear reason as to why they will agree to do this… it seems to be on a case-by-case basis.

If you have the time, message your buyer one last time to try and get things moving. If they’re still unresponsive, go to Customer Support and explain that the Buyer is unresponsive, and you’d like them to cancel the order without it impacting your order completion. Be as polite and as friendly as you can be with them. Like I say, no guarantee this will work - but it’s what I’d do in your situation.

Good luck.

Hey thanks for reply
Buyer just ignored the the fact the he should have put Discord tag (it is required but in the same column with general stuff I ask for so probably should have been in separate one).
Why do you say there is no clear reason to cancel order without fixing my completion rate? It is pretty clear that someone MADE an order and is not ready to participate it in or just forgot about it. I don’t see my fault in this situation honestly.

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Unfortunately this is not how Fiverr works.
Order’s by mistake, duplicate orders …etc. whatever the reason is, cancellation would harm your statistics.

Over the past year, we’ve had to go to CS maybe 5 or 6 times to ask them to cancel an order where it was very clearly not our fault that we could not complete. 100% of the time, CS agreed with us that we were not at fault, and cancelled the order. I reckon about half of the cancellations didn’t impact our completion rate, and about half did. Which is why I said there’s no guarantee, you’re taking a risk if you ask for a cancellation.

Yeah, I did suffer from duplicated order for no reason, doesn’t make sense to me even after approx 1.5 year on Fiverr

I’d suggest to deliver partially completed task, as far as you can complete with provided REQUIREMENTS , but definitely at eleventh hour

until then keep knocking… Unless he replies!!

In your inbox with that certain buyer, note him that, you couldn’t fulfil the task in order to lack of REQUIREMENTS… Obviously mention that how much you knocked for REQUIREMENTS…

Yeah, that could be the way since I have already done the research according to the information he has provided, and also he wanted me to cover more than one topic so it took me extra time.