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Buyer not responding after revision request

I recently completed and delivered an order for a buyer, but they have requested a revision.
Normally this is not a problem, this happens quite often. However, this time the client has given me no instructions on what they’d like changed, and they’re not responding to my messages.

The clock is still ticking down and I have about a day before I’m late.
I would really hate to have a late delivery on my record, and it will cause me to lose my seller level.

What can I do to avoid getting burned here?

The order will not be late. It’s only late if you don’t deliver the original delivery. Revisions don’t count for late delivery, I think.

I’ve heard conflicting reports on this.
Some say it counts and others say it doesn’t.

The fact that the deliver timer remains and continues to tick down is really worrying.

Don’t worry about it. The timer doesn’t matter as long as you delivered the first product. If the buyer doesn’t respond, it’s his problem. After 2 weeks of not responding, message him saying you are going to deliver what you can tomorrow. Deliver what you can the next day. The order will be auto-completed 3 days after that.

This is the best thing that you can do. Wait a minimum of two weeks.