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Buyer not responding after show the complete work

Hi everyone, currently i am facing a problem with my buyer. I couldn’t found any solution to forum.That’s why i am posting here now. The problem is… My current work last date was 9hr ago. 4 days ago i was showed the final work to my client and he said to me

“That’s great!!”

. After that, he is gone for me. Because of, everyday i see he is in online but never reply me. I already sent him around 10 message in last 4 days but, he didn’t reply aything. Even when i said him that,

“The order time will be finished after 5hr, if you need any modification, just ask me, i’ll definately do”

. he didn’t any reply. And now my order is mark as late, i really frustated now. crying… what is my fault? Is here in Fiverr have any rules against the buyer? or every rules against seller? Now, I am totally frustated as a new hopefull seller.


Your buyer said the work was great - why haven’t you just delivered it?

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After that, immediately he ask for 2 small things changing. I did those things in 10 min and message him. But he didn’t any reply after then.Thanks for reply.

You don’t have to keep going back and forth before you deliver.

Just deliver the finished item - the buyer can ask for modifications then, and your delivery won’t count as being late.

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Actually i didn’t think like this, as i am a new seller. Yes, i need to be more professional like what you say. Thanks for some great advice. I’ll keep your suggestion in my mind in future. But can you suggest me what can i do now? as the order is already late and i was offering to him for extending the time to avoid late delivery.

I had the same issue as you. The buyer is not responding but he’s online. However, after knowing that this is what he wants, I delivered his order but he’s neither responding nor accepting the delivery.Maybe he’s busy or something :confused:

You are somehow lucky as you already delivered the work. May be you don’t get feedback from client but you just avoiding late delivery.It’s really harmfull for profile. welldone!

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I hope you’ll recover from it. Good luck and be aware next time!

If you have delivered your work well before the deadline (I mean the first delivery), then you don’t have to worry. Your order won’t be counted as a Late Delivery. You can deliver the modified work now and wait for client’s response.

unfortunately no. I did not delivery the work. Still not. I was waiting buyer confirmation. The buyer was outstanding, that’s why i thought he will reply me as he said.
Thanks for suggestion.

Thank you. I hope so.

Always deliver the file once you have completed it. If the buyer has an issue they will request modification. If the buyer doesn’t respond in 3 days, Fiverr will automatically mark your order as complete and you will get paid. You just won’t get a review.

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Hey, if you complete all requirements that your buyer told you to do, you should deliver your work…If buyer did not reply, your delivery will completed automatically by Fiverr within 3 days.:slightly_smiling_face:

So, Don’t worry, If you complete your work, then deliver it.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Unfortunately i did not delivered on time. :cry:I was waiting for buyer confirmation. Now order has marked as LATE. :cry: Can you please, let me know, how many days my profile keep going with this late delivery flag?

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Unfortunately i did not delivered on time. :cry:I was waiting for buyer confirmation. Now order has marked as LATE. :cry:

So deliver as soon as you can, like now! :sunny:

Thanks. i am going to do it now. is it does much effect on my profile or gigs?

Hey bro,
Don’t get frustrated. It usually happens…

Some buyer literally forgets that they have made an order. I have got some buyers who paid a very high for a custom delivery and never checked it before.

They forgot to get their delivery and as well as my review also.

But don’t worry, system will automatically complete the order and you’ll get your payment as well.

Thank you,
Wish you a great success

Don’t worry bro. Some buyer didnot know How to complete the process and leave a review