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Buyer not responding after submitting requirements Suggestion Required

Hi all, I have a problem, what happens if buyer does not respond after submitting the requirements (The countdown started).

I have been messaging the buyer but no respond and the time is almost over. Will I be penalized for not being able to deliver? or what should i do? Should i contact fiverr support?


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Yes, you will definitely be penalized if you are late, even if it’s not your fault! I would cancel on this buyer and let them know they are the reason why. Hopefully you haven’t done any work yet.

Yes no work but i am wondering he sent me the requirements and from the last 2 days messaging him but no response. Yes i am going to cancel the order. Thanks for you support.

The count down only starts after they provide instructions, I’ve had people order tip gigs and then forget to provide instructions, that’s really frustrating, specially when you nudge them and they ignore you. Eventually I demand cancellations.

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The thread is 4 years old, so no need to rekindle it and delivering nothing to stop the timer is against TOS so do not advice other members to do so.

Delivering absolutely nothing is very dangerous, because the order might be marked complete if 3 days pass, and the buyer doesn’t pay attention. Then he can complain to Fiverr about what you did.

It’s better to finish the job and then deliver it, or use resolution center to ask for 1-3 more days.

That would be a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and you could get permanently banned for it.

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