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Buyer not responding again

Hi,everyone,I sent an offer for a work and the buyer replied me and we chatted and i started the work,I ask him questions on what he wants,the job is supposed to be 3 days but on the second day,the buyer stop replying my message and I have given him a report on my progress so far,before the report I gave him he has replied my message but after I gave him the report he was not responding again,Please kindly help out,what can I do about this,I have spent my time and I have put my hope in it thanks


You don’t indicate have a Contract for that work? If so you just played yourself.

Sorry to hear but you need to learn how these places work and not be so desperate that you do silly things like work when there is no contract, or for people who decline to value you.


No order, no work. Simple as that.

You performed work without an order already being placed and sent “reports” to the person. I hope the reports weren’t the actual work to be done or you’ve just given the person a freebie and will likely never hear from them again.

Thanks to everyone that replied,i just learnt a lesson.

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Does this mean you created a Custom Offer?

If so, did the buyer ACCEPT the offer and did this offer move to your Dashboard under ORDERS?

If not, then, as said already, you are doing work you are not going to be paid for. If that is the case, I would create a custom offer and send that and then wait for it to be accepted before doing work. IF that is the case that is.


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