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Buyer Not responding and extended the delivery date

Hello Experts!

I am facing an issue that i needed to create a website for my client who placed an order without prior discussion now the thing is that he left me his login credentials for his hosting account but it requires a quick verification to login to the account and i messaged the client several times but he did not responded and so i opened a request to extend the delivery time the order is supposed to be completed today and just when i thought to cancel the order instead as i couldn’t deliver without completing the work the buyer accepted the resolution and extended the delivery time for 3 more days and just when he accepted it i messaged him to help me verify and login but he didn’t responded even though he was online i did it several times now the thing is same even after extension i cannot login to his account and he is again not responding now i need your advice on what should i do next should i wait for another three days or just cancel the order now?
any help would be appreciated
Thank You


It’s your choice to wait or cancel.

You cannot do the work and the buyer has not been cooperative this far. Are you willing to put up with that kind of behavior long enough to maybe get what you need to finish, even if they keep ignoring you for weeks or more?

Decide now how you will deal with this order, and all orders like it, in the future. Boundaries are important.

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Yes indeed but it will definitely affect my order cancellation rate which i care more about than keeping up with the buyer :pensive:

And if they keep up this poor behavior, they might also give you a poor rating. Cancellations only affect your account for 60 days, ratings/reviews are permanent.

You can open a ticket and politely request that CS cancel the order from their end without affecting your account, due to the buyer not providing required information.

Okay lets cancel the order than
Thank You so much for your response