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Buyer not responding and I have 8 hours left


I have recently gotten an order and I have 8 hours left but the buyer hasnt even submitted an image that he wants edited. Ive messaged them but they have not responded. What happens when the 8 hours is up and I cant deliver due to them not providing me with a file?


Perhaps you should ask for these kinds of files in your original order questions. Make it a requirement that the buyer sends you the necessary files BEFORE the clock starts counting down.


It is a requirement. In my notifications it says “you have a new order, awaiting requirements”


If the time runs out your order will be marked as late. I would cancel the order since the buyer is unresponsive.


How do i cancel? Im a new seller


The counter doesn`t starts until the buyer submits the requirements and this message is only shown in that case.

If you want to cancel the order -

  1. Click the “resolve now” button on the top-right side in the order page.
  2. Choose a reason for cancellation.
  3. Choose “Ask the buyer to cancel this order”.

But a better way for you will be to choose “Ask the buyer to submit the requirements” (or something like that, can`t recall properly) in the 3rd step. This will stop the timer and the buyer will get a notification in the email. Better than cancellation.


I’d go to the resolution center and “dispute” the order and request to extend the time–enough time for you to complete the work without being rushed. In the message box, explain that they did not provided the materials to begin working on the order or that it wasn’t received on your end for whatever reason.

They might have had a technical issue on their end where they responded to your Order Requirements with the material but it never uploaded, but nevertheless, just communicate with the Buyer.

Best of luck!


You can try using the resolution center to request more time as suggested, but if the buyer hasn’t responded yet, that probably won’t work. (I would suggest doing that sooner if someone doesn’t send you info within a few hours.) You could end up with a late cancellation and automatic poor review if you can’t deliver.


You can ask to extend the deadline by clicking on the “resolve now” button


@taverr is right.

Follow his answer. Cancellation can drop your gig and the timer didn’t even started since you have the “awaiting requirements” message.

Good luck!


This status means that your buyer accepted your offer, but hasn’t yet submitted all requirements as to your gig requirements page. As soon as they did that, then you´ll see a countdown timer clock that ticks away time until the deadline.
There should be an option for you to ‘Nudge Buyer’, you can click that and ask them to please provide the necessary information (which you specified on your requirement page), so you can get to work on their order.

Some buyers seem to be so busy that they run off in the middle of the ordering process :wink: and return at some later point to do it then (it has been posted on the forum by sellers who had that happen),

some, especially if they are ‘new buyers’ and/or English isn´t their first language, can be confused by the site/ordering process and don´t find the right page to ‘get their order running’ - if you suspect that, you can help them by giving them this link:
and/or explaining to them in your own words how they get their order from ‘waiting for buyer submitting requirement’ to actually running and being timed (I had this happen a couple times and could sort it out together with the buyer, so cancelling wasn´t needed).
Of course if your buyer won´t reply at all, you can´t sort it out - but mabe give them a chance to react, unless you absolutely need to know where you are because of other orders and have to cancel to not get problems with your schedule, some really just forget it or whatever and come back after a while lol.

I´m not quite sure though where you get the ‘8 hours left’ from? If you´re still waiting for requirements, the timer shouldn´t run. If it does yet, I´d contact Customer Support.


spot on @taverr well said!


Because of unresponsiveness , I had to cancel lots of order. My bad luck :sob:


Asking for a time extension is a great new feature. Buyers have busy lives and sometimes miss messages as the clock countdowns. The request for a time extension has been an incredible new feature for me!