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Buyer not responding and not giving all details for website

I build his website as his requirements on my own domain and hosting. He saw this design and told me for a change and he asked for time extended 2 days for some more things adding. i changed his requested design and send him time extended request. After this he is not responding. For delivery wordpress website i need buyers domain and hosting login details. I asked for this at starting. but he did not gave me his domain and hosting login details. My delivery time will extended in 2 hours. Will I delivery my work? Where I delivery my work if he don’t give me his domain and hosting login details or wp login details?

You may contact CS I suppose, but in the future make sure you follow a proper process.

  1. Before a buyer places an order you need to send them a detailed proposal that includes agreements such as “In case access is not granted the website will be delivered as a ZIP file and client will need to install the website themselves.” (You can even include it in the FAQ if you want to)
  2. You don’t start working on the site until you have everything you need, including credentials to the live environment.

I would recommend taking a few courses how to manage a project.