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Buyer Not Responding - Didn't Fill the Requirement Since 1 Month

Hello Fiverrs!

One Buyer Has Ordered me on 12 July and Still, he has not provided me any details and information to get the work started. It’s been almost 1 month he is not responding to the order page or my messages.

He has just order and did not fill the required form. It is said Order is Incomplete for me so, the countdown has not begun. But, I am afraid of this situation what should I do now?

I have checked the buyer history and activity and he is ordered to all other sellers and responding and completing the order but not just to me. Why this buyer is behaving like?

I have sent too many messages and reminder to fill to Requirement form section to get the order started but he is just come online and seen my messages and went back.

I am bored with this buyer, what to do now? Do you have any suggestions or solutions to get out of this situation?

Thanks in Advance!
Digital Drivers.


Hello @digitaldrivers if this buyer is ordering from others recently and ignoring your messages for over a month, they will likely not be back. Now, the countdown is not running and this means this will not affect your stats.
What you can do is contact CS explain your situation and have them deal with it.

DO NOT START THE TIMER as @umairiqbal_99 suggested and definitely DO NOT deliver anything demo or not. This is a violation of fiverrs ToS and while an incomplete order will not affect your stat, wrong delivery will get you into trouble here.


Wat!! No way, you can’t deliver random stuff. It’s against the TOS , and will get a warning letter. Incompleted / improper deliver.

Please DO NOT listen to the first few suggestions, they know nothing about how Fiverr operates.

It’s NOT a good idea to start the timer and deliver some random file. That’s against Fiverr’s Terms of Service and will severely hamper your account and get you a TOS violation strike.

There is a easy solution here - Goto Resolution centre - Contact customer support - explain them your ordeal and they will be happy to cancel this order for you. This will most likely not affect your Order completion rate as well.

This is the ONLY viable solution for you. Please be careful.

As others have pointed out, don’t listen to @wordpresshealth and @umairiqbal_99, or you’ll get an account warning for an empty delivery.

I really wish that people who have no clue what they’re talking about would stop posting nonsense on the forum just because a :poop: YouTube video told them to post on the forum as much as possible. They could do serious harm.


great way of getting banned


Yes, I agreed with you. That’s why I have’t done anything. I am just sending the messages to buyer but, he is just coming online and seen the messages and goes offline again.

You are right. I agree with you.

Do not bother sending any more messages

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Ok Sure Mam. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience to get avoiding from upcoming situations.