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Buyer Not Responding-Didn't Give Me Requirements

I’m trying to figure out what to do. He’s new to Fiverr, and I’ve sent 3 messages to let him know I need the information on what to write about. It’s a blurb gig to write about a book. I haven’t received any information on what to write about.

I know if I cancel, it ruins my completion rate. Do people sabotage you on purpose? Should I report before it ends?

I really don’t know what to do> I’m a Level 1 seller and I don’t want my ratings to be affected. How can you protect about this sort of thing?


Contact the support and explain in details,


Did the timer on the order start counting down already? What did they enter for requirements? Did they leave it blank on purpose?

If the timer hasn’t started just let it sit there until they add the requirements. If the timer has started and they purposely left the requirements blank, notify CS and explain the situation to them.


The timer has started. The requirement area where I state what I need had no attached files or information pasted in. I’ll have to notify CS and let them know what is happening. I guess I could ask the buyer to cancel, but it will ruin my rating. Feel like between a rock and a hard place. I did send a message to Support, but it also says it takes 24-48 hours to get back to me. I’ll probably just have to request a cancel. Kind of frustrated.

Hi @tiffmeister,

Have you selected the requirements to be mandatory? Doing so, prevents the clock from starting until they are provided. Also, make the requirements to be an attached file, not pasted information.


Contact the support ASAP. You should also continue making effort to reach the buyer to provide the required information.

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Yes, I did. It was mandatory. It says it in the requirement section. They didn’t enter any information, and just left the auto items that appear that state the requirements. I have gotten a reply from SUPPORT, and they said to cancel it. SO, I have. Pretty much, not much else to do with it. Just kind of sucks. So, not sure what was up with this buyer. It’s a new account, but they ordered it and have never come back for almost 4 days. But I guess, part of business. You’re going to get some dud orders every once in a while. I just wish the system didn’t penalize sellers for something like this.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Saying requirements are mandatory, is not the same as setting them to be mandatory on the requirement page so to prevent the timer from starting. Are they set to be mandatory? Physically?

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