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Buyer not responding for revisions

Hello Everyone. Yesterday (22nd of November) i got a project and after few hours on same day i submitted the designs for “revision” I haven’t got any response from “Buyer” and today i have to deliver the project.

I still have 15 hours remaining but here is a thing “he mentioned in his requirements to use images from word document for now and he will send updated versions by early next week.” Before placing an order he didn’t mentioned any thing like this and now i have to wait till Monday? i am worried please let me know what should i do.

If you have fulfilled the requirements for the order (According to the order description), you could actually just deliver the work that you have, just a few hours before the time runs out. This way, you won’t have a late delivery. BUT this will also mean, that you have to ask the buyer to place a revision - you should do this within the delivery text. This way, the buyer will be able to update you, whenever the buyer gets back to you. Another way to go about this is to let the time run out. This won’t effect your statistics, if you click on the “visit the resolutioncenter”-buttom on the order page - here you can ask the buyer for more time. If you click on “Extend delivery time” and select the amount of days (1 day = +24 hours after time runs out), the buyer can get back to you after the time has run out and then the buyer can accept the extended time period for the delivery. Please note that you should explain this to the buyer. This is not your fault, but it’s necessary to wait.

Hope the buyer gets back to you soon


Thank you so much. I would like to deliver my work :slight_smile:

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Finally buyer replied and asked for reversion but i am over due date and time line is showing letter “Late”. I have made changes as per buyer’s request but he is not responding again and i think one more day will pass. I am getting his response after 24 hrs now what should i do?