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Buyer not responding in the middle of a big order

So i have a gig that includes creating beats, and somebody contacted me and said that he wants 20 beats in 12 days, i said okay and got to work. I made a custom offer including 2 milestones, i have already completed the first one and after that the buyer has stoped responding to my messages. Should i send him the second milestone or wait for him to respond?


Check this out:

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I would Wait for a response.

Anything may of happened to the buyer. :mask::cold_face::face_vomiting:

What have you tried in the reaching out?
I would also finish what you have started and have it completed.
You can always sell the beats elsewhere or keep for another time. As if you miss your deadline they have the right to cancel.

Or ask buddy boy lloysolutuins as he seams to know everything lol :joy: