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Buyer not responding, making gig late


My buyer uploaded the wrong documents to four orders. I asked him to send the new information but he hasn’t responded for a day. I also submitted a request to extend the time allowed. He hasn’t responded to that either, and now the gigs are late. What happens if he doesn’t respond to the time extension request in the given 2 days? Will it automatically give me the extension, or will it automatically deny my request?

Any other tips for how I can minimize the damage of this?


Dear Claire:

I suggest you open a ticket with Fiverr Support documenting everything and asking for their guidance.

They can take some time to respond, so be patient. If they send you a canned response that’s not really germane, follow up to ask more questions.

Good luck,


At that point you can tell it’s going to go bad.


He just sent me the documents and approved my request for a time extension. Phew. I have completed about 25 orders with him. I’m guessing he just didn’t check Fiverr over the weekend, but it was a bit nerve-wracking.


I still have the “Oh dear! Delivering a Gig late can result in 10% lower buyer activity” message on top of my order page though.


It is better to cancel the order than let it go late due to buyer not being responsive. You cannot wait around forever with the clock ticking.


I just dropped to 98% due to this.

If you are going to buy extra fast, please provide info in that context as well.


This has happened to me many times which effects my delivery time ratings…
i think there should be a feature of stop countdown of the particular order if buyer is offline for more than 1 or 2 days and whenever buyer respond then countdown should resume automatically.
it will be fair for both buyer n seller!!