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Buyer not responding on my dispute

Due to some reason i failed to deliver on time and i ask the buyer to extend the delivery time for 3 days then i delivered the order before the buyer’s response now i have already delivered the order but because not responding buyer the dispute shows that the order automatically canceled if buyer not respond but i have already delivered the order 3 days ago now what to do please guide ??



It seems you delivered late and Buyer did not accept the request to extend delivery time.

I am afraid the order will cancelled unless Buyer accepts the request.

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Firstly, your image shows your buyer’s name - breaking forum rules.

Secondly, your buyer was under no obligation to accept your time extension request.

It’s a problem of your own making and as such you just need to accept it and move on.


should i redeliver ??

As far as I understood you have delivered the order so it makes no sense to me.

My order is marked as completed but now the on time delivery is on 75% how will it becomes 100 percent again

You should deliver orders on time. It’s the only way.

How much time it will take or how many orders i have to deliver on time to increse the on time delivery percentage??

Read articles available on Fiverr.

You don’t need to ask Forum Users question for which you can get answers yourself, if you read! and this


I don’t mean to be rude, but in my opinion you need to take greater responsibility for understanding how Fiverr works. While there are Fiverr members who are very happy to offer advice and support, everything you’re asking is very basic and the answers can easily be found with just a little bit of research.

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