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Buyer not responding on revision requests

I have these 2 orders hanging in revision state for 2 weeks now. These buyers are not responding at all. They just requested revisions and said they need more time and now they are not responding. So these 2 orders are marked as late and in revision state like for 10 days.

Do you have any idea if this is hurting my profile and putting down my gigs in the drain?
I appreciate your time very much. As well as your thoughts on this.
Any thoughts?

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It’s probably a reseller waiting for a response from their buyer/employer. Have you tried sending them a reminder? If yes, then it might be a good idea to deliver the same files again and see…

There’s a chance that they are just normal buyers who have forgotten about their order. In that case, the order will complete itself.

Hope that helps!


same happened with me and in milestone orders. it really sucks too.
Fiverr should not consider it as late as buyer takes more time. and because of this my delivery on time is decreasing and my gig got de-ranked and its been more than a month I could not got my rank back

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i think they just double crossed you. when you complete an order just deliever it to the buyer.and only provide 2 times revision because some buyers can ruin your years of hardwork.

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Always appears this type of clients… in this case send the work again… and in the messages explain that when they open an revision they need inform the infos for you be able to help them.

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I think you’re being played.

I’d cancel both and move on.

It will hurt your stats, but only for a little while.


Why would you cancel an order that you completed? If you do offer 0 free revisions (like me), it’s only a revision REQUEST. Doesn’t mean I need to change something for free. If you do offer a certain amount of free revisions in your gig and your buyer clicks the revision button without submitting any feedback, that’s against fiverrs terms of service. In that case you re-deliver your (finished) order with a short note. Buyers do have three days to request a revision with feedback. It is not allowed to get some more time just by hitting that button.

If you are ready to immediately cancel two orders just to move on and because someone isn’t answering, it doesn’t sound like you know what your service and time is worth. The work was done - get paid.

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I stand by my comment.

The two orders have been in revision state for two weeks.

The Buyers have not responded to messages.

Clearly the Buyers are not interested.

Cancel and move on.

There are better Buyers out there.

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Don’t cancel. Redeliver the completed order and tell them something stating they have not asked for specific revisions and you want to close out the order.

They’ll either reopen the revision request with an actual revision, or the order will automatically get completed in 3 days. (Or whatever the time is now)


You’re free to handle your orders as you want, don’t get me wrong. I don’t know about your average rate per order or if you’re a full-time freelancer, but for sellers with fiverr being one of their main incomes I definitely wouldn’t recommend just giving up anytime something like this happens. You worked for it and if you delivered as stated in your gig or as discussed with the client, why would you cancel and move on. Not only giving the “client” free work, not only are they wrong and acting against terms of service, you also take the hit with the completion rate stats and are losing money and your time. Just because there are better buyers or they’re not interested anymore? It’s not your problem if they abandon the project. It’s not even like you need to put in anymore work. Just re-deliver the work with a short note. Stand your ground, even with a $5 order. It is YOUR business. If they proceed to do this, contact customer service. If you let them get away with these tactics, they’ll do it to the next seller too because it works.

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Fair enough.

Yes, I am a full-time freelancer.

Fiverr gives me about 30% of my annual income.

I also have 20 years retail experience within 40+ years of media experience.

I’ve cancelled many contracts through my years in radio and newspaper advertising.

Sometimes you just have to know when to pull the pin and bite the bullet as a result.

I have lost several thousands of dollars as a result.

However, I have also made that and more back by working with clients who don’t jerk me around or try to take advantage of the system.

That’s where my suggestion to cancel and move on comes from.

But thanks for recognizing that I am allowed to have an opinion, even if it doesn’t align with yours.

Online work is challenging and rewarding.

Sadly, there are some Buyers out there who don’t care one bit as they figure all of us freelancers are so desperate for the work that they can do whatever they want and we’ll put up with it.


Sure! I can see where you come from. Even I may disagree with certain points, we’re still on the same side at the end of the day. All the best for your service and enjoy your evening :)!


I strongly agree with you. Cancellation is better in such scenario

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I have tried several messages without any luck. They even appeared online and never bothered to respond.
Isn’t that breaking TOS to re deliver like that?

I guess that’s the exact case happening to me here then.

I have already done the job they ordered. But they are making the order stay on revision state by not asking any changes. They just hit the button and sent nothing to be changed

I thought that’s breaking TOS.

It is, refer to Fiverr and ask directly for a no-fault cancellation seeing your “client” is not responding or being fair as per TOS.

It would be nice to think that Fiverr would ensure you get paid but I doubt they will as they tend to lean towards not upsetting customers, even if they break TOS.

Mr Ink may be right that it will be easier to cut the cord than eff about with people who show no honor - therefore never will.



Cancel is not the solution… the reason is that everytime appears this clients that open revision without informations. If the work was done and they don’t provide any information of changes… is because “they don’t have anything to change.”

We sellers can’t cancel everytime because of this kind of clientes that “Open Revision” without informations… the clients that are broken the rules of the plataform.

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I don’t think I can cancel either. So what do you do when you meet a client like this?

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