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Buyer not responding, order is too late

Hi, I have an order. I created the design and send to client on order page to know their remarks. But the buyer is offline. After getting “late status” of order, I opened request from resolution center for “delivery time extension” but the buyer is still offline since last 2 weeks. What should I do now to get paid, because I have completed the work. If I deliver it using the delivery button, my statistics will record a “late order delivery”

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You should have went ahead and delivered before the delivery went late. The buyer can ask for revisions up to 3 days after delivery. You basically screwed yourself over. Also, yes, your statistics will record a late delivery.

To get paid, you’ll need to deliver the order and wait for (1) the buyer to complete it or (2) 3 days to pass.


And to add to what @graphtersawyer said: even if your buyer will come online and accept time extension now your order still will be marked as late.

So don’t screw yourself next time and deliver the work you completed. Fiverr have a system for revisions and remarks from a clients after you deliver it properly.