Buyer not responding & Payment also due


I received the message from buyer saying she wants me to do trial “ advertisment offers” testing orders , agreed to pay $5 for one order , but due to “technical challenge “ she ended up giving me 5 orders , i was online n coordinting with her for two hrs , testing sharing results & screenshots ! When i asked for shall i send the custom order request , she ignored this ! Kept giving me more order. After completing 5 “ advertsing offers testing orders” she stopped responding , not paying ! I sent her custom order request bot NO respone now ! I tested 5 orders & spent 2 hrs online with her ! Please help me ,



Do you mean that she sent you “5 testing orders” only via inbox and she didn’t place actual orders?

If that’s so, we can’t help you. Buyer wanted to get free work, you got the buyer free work.

This can be your lesson for the future. Never work for for free!


Oh no, she didn’t directly place the order? Try talking to Customer Service, but I’m not sure they can help.

I agree with the other poster. NEVER WORK FOR FREE. LET THE BUYER PLACE THE ORDER FIRST. Send them ready made samples, but do no create something they ask for specifically.

I’m sorry that happened to you.