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Buyer not responding, red icon

I recently received an order from a buyer but he did not fill in anything and did not respond to my chat messages. I asked to extend the time for the gig, but again no response from the buyer. Then I suggested to cancel the order, again no response from the buyer. the order was automatically canceled after 2 days because there was no reply from the buyer.

Since I am a new seller and have received only 5 orders, my completion rate has dropped to 75%.

As you can see, the completion rate is red and the evaluation date is also red.

What will happen on January 15? shall I receive a warning? get a penalty? or something else?

Thanks in advance.


Nothing will happen with you 15 january. Each month they check sellers rating, when everything is more then 90% and if you did all requirements you will be able to get first level of seller level. Evaluation is red cause if you had this rating they can take it from you cause you did not do all requirements


But in any case I wish you to improuve as soon as you can your order complection cause as i understood oveall rating and especially complection rating has straight influence to your general score in search, when buyer try to find seller


it is extremely important not to provide late delivery during fiverr order. Late delivery means that formal timing which was firstly agreed with buyer, finished. And even if you decided cancell it, this shit can decrease future quantity of your orders…

hope I explain clearly =) I also had this problem earlier =(


Thanks a lot for your reply! :slight_smile:
I have 2 orders fully ready to deliver. that will bring the score back up a little bit.

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Some time that kind of situation accur. But still I have no idea why bayur goes offline after ordered…!!

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That is indeed weird. and very bad for a seller. no income and a bad reputation due to the buyer’s mistake.


Try to complete order regularly. Hopefully you will overcome soon :slight_smile:

Sometimes face the same situation most of the freelancer. I also face same problem. Then I canceled the order. I think, It was my wrong decision. After canceled oder, I confirm that- this kinds of order cancel automatically. Showing red my profile : 15 march 2019.