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Buyer not responding resulting in Late delivery - so frustrating!

So my gig is bespoke logo design and to put it easily my buyer isn’t responding. The initial delivery was for 7 days. Within 24 hours I had sent 3 concepts to the buyer over the quick messaging system, took 6 days to respond!

So I asked to extend delivery, and then they requested a developed set of logos based on one of the concepts. Which again delivered within 24 hours. they have since seen the logos but not been online for the past 4 days. and the delivery is now late by over 24 hours since they have not even replied to me about the developed concepts.

It’s so annoying and disheartening that there isn’t an option for sellers to pause delivery if the buyer isn’t replying! or even have a ‘business days’ delivery option rather than set days!!

Has anyone else experienced this? what makes it worse is that it’s my first order! :frowning:


If you used the delivery button then your order was delivered in time - no problem for you there.

If you delivered using a message on the order page, your order will be marked as late I’m afraid.

Deliver what you consider to be the finished order based on the buyer’s specification within the time and you’ll be fine. Any revisions can be requested after that without the order being late.


I would gladly actually deliver the order, however, the logo isn’t finished!

The buyer asked for a developed concept of one of the original concepts. and I wouldn’t deliver a logo unless the buyer liked the direction and it was about refining the logo! rather than developing a concept further!

That will only work if you can guarantee the buyer will respond to your designs etc. in the length of time you’ve set for your gig.

If you can’t guarantee that buyers will do that, then you need to tweak your gig so that what you describe in the gig and what you deliver can be achieved in the time limit. It will make your life an awful lot easier. :slightly_smiling_face: