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Buyer not responding. Scam?

Hi there! Pls help long story sorry

I am new on fiverr and I got my first buyer.
In the requirements I filled in that I needed the name of the product or a photo or a link in order to send it to the buyer. The buyer didn’t provide me with a photo of the product or a link.

The buyer reacted with “ Can you please provide me with your email so I can send you the order confirmation?” In the chat I messaged “ Hi Sir! Thank you for your order. Please tell me what product you want. You can also send a picture of the product. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards”. Ive seen the buyer multiple times online but no reply. Now I’ve seen him 11 hours ago online and I’ve send the same message. I’m stressing because I need to know what the buyer wants, the time is still running and I don’t want to be late…

I’m so confused🤦‍♀️ Why does he need my email?? English isn’t my first language so maybe I’m not predicting it good. Is this a scam?? So yes… is there a way to cancel the order? Pls help

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This might not be the scam but some buyer who are new on website don’t know how to operate it and don’t have the app on their mobile for notification. they might be traveling for the weekend or so. there are many possibilities.
The best way i can suggest is to open a request to cancel the order through resolution centre.
that will help you pause the clock or you can send him/her a request to extend the delivery date so that you get more time.


Thank you for your help! I’m going to try it :smile:

if the buyer doesnt order anything, and contact you in chat asking for email. It is scam.

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Look, cancelling the order might not help because it will affect your profile. So you can tell the buyer that it’s not allowed to share personal details (personal email). If they want to send the files, they can send them either through your inbox or the order page. But for now, I’d suggest to request for extension of the delivery date that can draw the attention of the buyer.

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Yes thank you for you help! I see the buyer coming online multiple times a day and it looks like he’s ignoring the messages​:face_with_hand_over_mouth:. If he doesn’t reply or extend the time, should I just leave the order like that?:thinking:

Try to contact him in the Order and in the Inbox section explaining what you need to complete the order.
Maybe also ask for an extension of the delivery time at the Resolution Center in case he still doesn’t answer. But don’t give your email address as communication outside Fiverr is against the rules.

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Have you requested for time extension through the “Resolution Center”? If yes, wait for the buyer to respond. If the still the buyer didn’t respond or didn’t give you any information regarding the order. Contact CS to cancel the order and move on.

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