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Buyer not responding to instruction request

Hi everyone,

I’m a pretty new seller and so far, my experience with buyers has been mostly fantastic.
However, a couple of weeks ago, I had a message from someone who wanted a 650 word piece from me for the same price that I offer for 500 words. When I gently explained that I would need to charge an extra $5 for the extra words, they demanded that I waive that in the name of it being ‘the first time we’ve worked together’… as if that entitles them to some sort of discount?

Eventually, they agreed to pay the extra $5 and then they insisted they’d want the work done within 24 hours. I charge an extra $5 for this too, so when I told them that, they weren’t happy to say the least but when I refused to budge from it, they very reluctantly agreed and I made up a custom offer for them.

As with all orders before they start, my order page asks for detailed instructions before I can start the gig (obviously). It has been two weeks since the custom offer was made and the buyer hasn’t provided me with any instructions. I sent a reminder a week ago but still nothing. I can see that they’ve been online since then. I’ve been given no info at all, so there is no way I can do this job.

What’s really weird is that the buyer insisted that this work needed to be done within 24 hours… even paying an extra $5 for it… and yet it OBVIOUSLY didn’t need to be done that urgently if I’m still waiting for the info two weeks later…

The order is still just sitting on my dashboard as ‘active’ but cancelling it will affect my ratings, won’t it? What should I do?

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Already a fan of yours for not budging from what was owned.

I’ve heard that after a week that the client hasn’t submitted the request you can cancel and (maybe) not be affected by it.

If I were you I would send a ticket to customer support asking them to cancel it for you, just make sure to inform your buyer first. And if I were you after the order been canceled I’d block the buyer too.


Haha thank you! Knowing my worth was one of the few things I went into freelancing fully armed with, so I’m super hot on that.

Thank you for your advice, I think I’ll try that. I’ve got perfect scores so far, so I really don’t want to damage it! :relaxed:

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Cancelling the order won’t affect your rating at all.
But your Order Completion Rate will be down if you have a lvl it will be affected if it isn’t 90%

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never cancel it. leave it as it is. sometimes buyers do not know filling the requirements and when they come back on due date they see order is incomplete than they fill the requirement.
cancelling the order will only effect you not buyer

It has been two weeks, so it is well over what would have been the due date now unfortunately. The buyer has been sent a reminder, so they do know that they need to provide more info.

has the count down timer started?

Yeah, nah…a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind

What happens when you are on a vacation and then the buyer suddenly fill the requirements and then you have a countdown to worry about?

What if your price has gone up but now you have to work for that amount which was agreed god knows how long ago. I’ve heard people that went with orders like that for years.

What if the buyer comes back and decide to cancel the order themselves and that actually cost your level?

If the seller cancels it themselves then they can at least control the damage better than if it’s the other way around.

No. Until the requirement have been submitted the countdown won’t start.

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Does we ever go on leaves? We always have option of extension

Cancel it through customer service, don’t take the risk of cancelling it yourself. Good on you for sticking to your pricing, make sure to block this buyer afterwards though, they seem irresponsible and I wouldn’t want to know what it would be like if you actually had to work with them.

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