Buyer not responding to my messages even after 3 days


I am very much frustrated right now. It’s been 3 days that I’ve submitted the order. The buyer said something about a revision, but he never asked for it. Now he’s not replying to my texts and not asking for revision either, although he’s online and posting buyer requests. The order was supposed to be marked completed in 3 days, no? Why is this happening to me?


some buyer not give you any rating so this is not any matter keep up and do good work


Oh, this is bad. But the buyer is not even submitting a review. I offer free reviews. It’s almost like a deadlock, Buyer isn’t responding, nor canceling or submitting a revision. Also, the order is not being marked “completed” by Fiverr. All of this is just a perfect amalgam for frustration, no?


As creativdesig said up there, the buyer doesn’t have to submit a review. You can’t force them.

Sometimes the order takes a little more than three days to be marked complete. I’ve had some that take almost four days. It’s not that frustrating.


Don’t worry, if the buyer has been active online a lot, chances are they aren’t looking for a revision or cancellation which is good for you. Sometimes buyers just don’t want to review but I wouldn’t stress about it!


I guess you guys are right. I let myself be engulfed by frustration because this is the first time that this happened to me. But all’s good now. Thank you @somaginer1996, @diasy13, and @creativdesig